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   DJI-Innovations WKM Click & Go 50 Waypoint System

DJI-ClickandGo-50 - DJI-Innovations WKM Click & Go 50 Waypoint System
New! DJI Wookong-M 50 Point Waypoint Click and Go

Wookong-M Veiw 50 Waypoint Click and Go Activation Upgrade.
Click Go Mode is an upgrade package of WK-M View, which gives you an extra tool for flight operation.
This tool allows pilot to drag up to a 50 Point route on 3D map, assign altitude and flight speed to a single destination. Altitude, speed and destination point can be changed on-the-fly with flight path tracking.
Click Go Mode strengthens the WKM View, which brings you more exciting flight experience.
Please Note Software Runs on 32 Bit OS only.
Special Order Only


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   DJI-Innovations GPS Module For NAZA Controller

DJI-NAZA-GPS - DJI-Innovations GPS Module For NAZA Controller

New! DJI-Innovations GPS Upgrade Module for DJI-NAZA-M Controller

NAZA GPS Module Packs Rich Features Such as RTH (Return to Home) and IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) and Low Battery Warning to name a few.
Delivering a High Performance to Price Ratio for our Customers.
ETA June 12th 2012.


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   DJI-Innovations NAZA-M LITE MULTI-ROTOR Flight Controller

DJI-NAZALITE - DJI-Innovations NAZA-M LITE MULTI-ROTOR Flight Controller
New! DJI-NAZA-M-LITE Multi-Copter Flight Controller

The DJI-NAZA-M Lite Flight Controller is based on a brand new core design, allowing a single light weight and small package delivering flight stabilization for multi-rotors. Controller, Gyros and barometer sensor are housed in a single unit with S-Bus support.
This new platform allows demanding hobbyists the most versatile; plug and play, with patented internal shock sensor and reliability for fun and sport flying unlike others in the market. DJI proprietary navigational and control algorithms continue to be the best in providing excellent flight stability, highly accurate calibration of inertial locking feature to support dual-axis-gyro with PTZ control interface. NAZA-M Lite will have firmware update and upgrade for future expansion.

The DJI-NAZA Lite Controller Currently Supports the Following Functions:

• Hexa, and Hexa-X
• Quad + and Quad X
• Camera Gimbal Stabilization
• Dimensions: 45mm L x 32mm W.

User Manuals
DJI NAZA Manual (NAZA_User_Manual_en.pdf)

Driver Files
DJI 32/64 bit USB Driver Download. (

DJI Download Site
DJI NAZA Download Site


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New! DJI Naza-M V2 Multirotor Auto-Pilot With GPS

New case!
New Features!
Specs coming soon!


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   DJI-Innovations 900mhz WKM Data Link TX & RX and M-View

DJI-WK900mzDL - DJI-Innovations 900mhz WKM Data Link TX & RX and M-View
New! DJI WKM 900mhz Data Link and WKM-View

WKM 900mhz Data Link with M-view Software
As a Ground Control Station (GCS), WKM View enables DJI autopilot system WKM the ability to monitor real-time flight state. It is an advanced feature of WKM.
WKM View will display 3D Map, Monitor attitude, coordinate, Speed and angle of aircraft, Monitor Signal quality of wireless data link module and power voltage for you.
It is specially designed for high-end WKM users.
Please Note: Software runs on 32 bit OS only.
Special Order Only


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In Stock Now Shipping!
New! Industry Leading DJI Wookong-M Multi-Rotor Auto-Pilot
General Specs:

Built in Functions:
• Autopilot
• Auto Hover Fail Safe

Multi Rotor Types:
• Quad-Rotor
• Hex-Rotor
• Octo-Rotor
Supported ESC Output:
• 200HZ Refresh rate Frequencys

Recommended Transmitter:
• PCM or 2.4GHZ with 5 Channels Minimumand Failsafe on all Channels

Recommended Power Supply:
• DC 4.8v to 12v
• Power Module Included

Power Consumption:
• 5 watts Max
• 0.9amps at 5v
• 0.7amps at 5.8v
• 0.5amps at 7.4v
• 0.4amps at 8v

Operating Temperature:
• -5 degrees C to +60 degrees C

Hovering Accuracy:
• Vertical +- 0.5M
• Horizontal +- 2M

Suitable Wind Conditions:
• Up to 17.7mph

Maximum Rotational Angle:
• 30 degrees

Vertical Speed:
• 3 meters per second

• Main Controller 61mm x 39.6mm x 15.8mm
• IMU: 40mm x 31mm x 26mm
• GPS and Compass: 50mm x (diameter) x 9mm
• LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm

User Manuals
DJI WooKong M User Manual (WooKong_M_User_Manual_en.pdf)

Driver Files
DJI 32/64 bit USB Driver Download. (

DJI Download Site
DJI NAZA Download Site


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