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   Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board

BEAC124 - Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board
Bantam Balance Connector Board for Align/Mega Power - BC6/BC6-10/PB6
EAC124 Li-Po individual cell connector conversion circuit for Align / E-Flite Lipoly's. Circut board accepts 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S & 6S packs. Board includes cable to conntect to Two-Meter / BC-6 / BC6-10 Chargers & PB-6 balancers.
Included: 1- Balance Adpapter Board with Wire
Compatible Batteries: Align, Dualsky, Mega Power, Walkera, Eflite, Mystery.


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   Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board

BEAC129 - Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board
Bantam Balance Connector Board for Flight Power/Thunder Power Connectors
For 4-5S
For 2-3S
For 6-8S


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   Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board

BEAC144 - Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board
Balance Charger Adaptor Board For Align/Dualsky Connectors
For 3S x 2 Series
For 2S x 3 Series.


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   Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board

BEAC149 - Bantam BC6 Balance Charger Board
Balance Charger Adaptor Board For Flight Power/Thunder Power Connectors
For 3S x 2 Series
For 2S x 3 Series.


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   Bantam BC6 Software Set

BEAC200 - Bantam BC6 Software Set
Bantam BC6 Program Software and USB Modul and Cable Set


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   E-STATION BC6 Balance Charger 1-6 Lipo Cells (NEW Version)

ECHBC6 - E-STATION BC6 Balance Charger 1-6 Lipo Cells (NEW Version)
Bantam E-Station BC6 Balance Charger 1-6 Li-Po Cells New Version
Operating voltage:DC 11~18 volts
AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz Charge/discharge power max.:50/5 Watts
NiCd/MH:1-15 cells
LiIo/LiPo/LiFe:1-6 series
Charge current:0.1 to 5.0A
Discharg current:0.1 to 1.0A
No.of cycles:1 to 5 times
Battery data memory: up to 5 data
Dimensions:160x120x40 mm
User's setting-up parameters:
Lithium battery voltage type:LiIo:3.6V, LiPo:3.7V, LiFe:3.3V NiCd Delta-peak voltage sensitivity:1 to 20mV
NiMH Delta-peak voltage sensitivity 1 to 20mV
Battery temperature cut-off 20 to 80C or OFF
Waste time between charge/discharge 1 to 60 min
Integral timer limit for safety 10 to 720 min.or OFF
Maximum charging capacity limit for safety:10 to 9990mAh or OFF
Key beep and buzzer sound:ON/OFF
Input DC power low alert 10 to 11V
NOTE: Balance Adapters EAC124 (Align/ MegaPower), EAC129 (Outrage XP/ Thunder Power/ Flight Power) and EAC144 (Align/ Duelsky) are not included and must be purchased separately.


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   HYPERION EOS 0720i NET3-AD Charger

HP-EOS0720 - HYPERION EOS 0720i NET3-AD Charger

NEW! EOS 0720i NET3-AD (ac/dc)

Just released June 10th 2010, the new EOS AC/DC is a major power advance for convenient charging at home or at the field.

EOS 0720i NET3 AD (ac/dc input)
10.5V-29V DC (20A, 150W max charge)
100V-240V AC (20A, 90W max charge)

SYNC Charge up to 2x7S for max 14S Flightpacks at 300W max. See explanation of SYNC MODE charging below.

• 12-Bit Balance Circuit Resolution for superb accuracy
• Built-In USB DataPort and supplied USB cable
• Hardware support for EOS Control & Data Suite PC Software
• 20 Memory slots for batteries
• CYCLE mode for LiFePO4 and LiPo
• Convenient DC Cord Storage on charger bottom
• HP/PQ and JST XH balance adapters included (+JST EH for EU)

The NET3-AD is the most powerful AC/DC charger available today. With AC input, it can charge a 5000mAh 2S car pack at more than 2C (11.5A) and on DC nearly 4C (19A). Or on AC a 3S 2100mAh pack at can hit almost 4C, and on DC input up to 6C!

EOS 0720i NET3 DC INPUT 10.5V~29V
7S 250W 20A max Charge, 80W/10A max Discharge
SYNC Charge up to 2x7S for max. 14S Flightpacks at 500W max.

NET3 Changes vs. Previous 0720i NET:
• 12-Bit Balance Circuit Resolution for superb accuracy
• Built-In USB DataPort and supplied USB cable
• Hardware support for EOS Control and Data Suite PC Software
• 20 Memory slots for batteries
• CYCLE mode for LiFePO4 and LiPo


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Hyperion EOS 0606i 6S 6A max CHARGER AC/DC with Integrated LBA balancer.
Li-Po LifePo4/A123 Nicd NiMH and Lead Acid Charge Modes.
Dataport for PC Software.
11v to 15vdc and 100v to 240v inputs.
Hyperion Balance Multi-Adaptor Included for 2S to 6S PACKS!
Also includes output cord.

Connect Order:

Always Connect the MAIN Pack leads to the Charger First, Then insert the Balance Connector.

Disconnection Order:

Always Disconnect the BALANCE Connector from the Charger FIRST and then Disconnect the MAIN pack leads.

Special Features:

• 2 input power choices: AC 100v to 240v or DC 11v to 15v
• Powerful yet Compact and Portable with a wide support of Battery Types
• Integrated Hyperion LBA Balancer for Li-Po and A123 Based Cells
• Charge and Discharge Modes (and cycling for Nimh and Nicd)
• Clear and easy to read LCD Screen with warnings common setup errors
• Aluminum Case, Long Input Leads
• Support Battery Types: 1-14cell NiCD & NiMH, 1-6 Lipo, Lion & Lead Acid
• Charge Current: 0.1A to 6A Max
• Discharge Current: 0.1A to 1.0A Max
• Trickle Charge: 0 to 200Mah
• Display: 2-Line 16 Character Backlit LCD.


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   Align New Li-Ion Battery Balance Charger

KX850140A - Align New Li-Ion Battery Balance Charger
Align Li-ion Battery Balance Charger RCC-4CX
1.Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.(warning beep)
2.AC 100-240V exchange switch for international specification
3.Supply 3.6V / 3.7V 2-4 cells Li-ion/Li-polymer battery
4..For both balance charge and charging in series. It is a fast, convenient design
5.Balance charging is good to prevent the situation of over-charging or under-charging for a single cell
6.Auto-detected charge status display. (Red light: while charging Green light:end of charging)
7.Cooling fan and multi-circuit protection to avoid the dangerous of charging
8.The auto-detected function of low voltage for power storage
Charging Method
1.Series DC7.4V JST connector X 2 sets (no more parallel charge plug in)
2.Series DC11.1V 20A connector X 1 set(no more parallel charge plug in)
3.Balance DC7.4V connector X 2 sets
4.Balance DC11.1V connector X 1set
5.Balance DC14.8V connector X 1 set avalible refit to DC11.1V balance connector Single cell circus can be parallel charging 2 sets at the same time by balance charging. Divide up 500mAh for 2Cell. The maximum suggestion is 8cell for parallel charging
Length 135 x width 80x height 35 (mm)
Series no: RCC-4CX
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 2cell DC 7.4V
3cell DC 11.1V
4cell DC 14.8V
Output Current: 1000 mA/cell


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   Align Intelligent Balance Charger RCC-6CX

KX850162A - Align Intelligent Balance Charger RCC-6CX

• High efficiency alternating current (A/C) power source, rated at 100-240V.
• Distributed balancing charging ensures automatic cell balancing, and effectively prevents overcharging or undercharging of individual cell.
• Automatically compensates for undervoltage during charging to realize batteries full capacity potential.
• Dual battery charging system. Charges two packs sequentially. LCD charging status display for voltage, current, charge capacity, and individual cell voltage display.
• Automatic Initial Charging function which detects excessively discharged cells and attempts initial charging to revive the cells.
• Auto control cooling fan.
• Reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

• Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V(50/60Hz).
• Supported Battery Type: Lion or Li-polymer(3.6V/3.7V 1S to 6S Battery Pack).
• Charging Method: CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage)
• Charging Current: 0.1A~4.0A(100W max)
• Charging Time Display: 0 to 9 hours and fifty nine mins.
• Charging Capacity Display: 0 to 9999mAh.
• Size:173x112x66mm
• Weight:810g
• Balance adapter C x 2
• Included adapters can also be used to charge batteries that uses Outrage XP/Thunder Power style balance connector.
Special Notes:
• Do not leave the charger is operating unattended as it may cause a fire.
• If the battery becomes hot while high current discharging or flying, please do not charge the battery immediately. Wait to cool down(about 20 mins), then inspect to recharge. If you do not follow the original factory use rules, it may possibly cause the battery to inflate and a dangerous accident can occur.


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   Racers Edge SureCharge 2010 Pro AC/DC Balance Charger

RCESC2010_ - Racers Edge SureCharge 2010 Pro AC/DC Balance Charger

The New SureCharge 2010 Pro Balance Charging System is capable of handling all of your Charging Needs.
Features include Integrated Balance Technology for 1 to 6 Cell Lipo,Pb, and Li-Fe Charging Capablilities.
As well as 1 to 14 Cell Ni-MH and Ni cad Batteries.
All with the Ability to charge up to 8 amps and Discharge up to 5 amps as well as AC/DC Operation.
The SureCharge 2010 is the ultimate RC battery management system.
Accessories include AC/DC power leads, temperature sensor and The Squid! Ultimate Charging Adapter, and a sleek aluminum carrying case in a stealth black finish for storing and transporting your investment.
• Input: AC 100v to 240v DC: 11 to 18 volts.
• Battery Type: Nicad, Ni MH, Li-Po, LiFe, Po Pb.
• Li-Po 1 to 6S 3.7v to 22.2v>
• LiFePo 1-6S 3.2v to 19.2v
Pb 2v to 6v to 12v
• Charge Rate 0.1 amp to 8.0 amps in 0.1amp steps.
• Discharge Rate 0.1amp to 5.0amps in o.1amp steps.
Charging Capacity 1 to 9900MAH.
• Safety Timer 10 to 720 Minutes or Off.
• Trickle Charge Rate 0.05 to 0.2amps or Off.
• Peak Sensitivity 1 to 15mV.
Includes AC and DC Power Cables, and the Squid Ultimate Charging Adapter Cables. Temperature Probe and Black Aluminum Carrying Case!


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